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Top Post of 2011

30 Dec

Today, while I’m preparing a New Year’s Surprise for everyone, I thought you might like to read my top rated post of 2011.  So, here you go:

How Many Calories Are In One Serving of Cafe’ du Monde Beignets?

Last Sunday afternoon, Kathy and I decided to spend some time in the French Quarter.  We parked close to the end of Elysian Fields and walked through the French Market, passing the gator heads, pirated cd’s, funny t-shirts, African sculptures, voodoo dolls, feathery masks, and Cajun food vendors.  We left the market and made our way toward Jackson Square when I saw a familiar site: The world renowned Café’ du Monde, where I have sat many times over the years devouring warm beignets piled high with mountains of powdered sugar.  This time, however, I passed it on by.  I allowed myself to become interested in a silver colored mime and a few self proclaimed acrobats performing near the St. Louis Cathedral and soon forgot all about that sweet warm unforgettable mouth watering life changing awe inspiring delicacy.

There are three beignets in each serving at Café’ du Monde.  I used to hear that Richard Simmons, before he became the famous pink and white short clad fitness guru, used to order six servings at a time.  I know that six servings (18 beignets) are not a healthy choice, but I have been wondering about the nutritional information regarding one serving of Café’ du Monde beignets.  Here’s what I found out from my good friends at fatsecret.com:

Man.  No wonder Richard Simmons got fat before he got thin.  I think I’ll skip the beignets for a while.

I’ve eaten healthy today, but I’m opting to not list my foods until Sunday evening, while I’m working on a surprise for all of my readers.  Make sure to check out my blog on Sunday.