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Riding the Weight Loss Elephant

8 Mar

Imagine that you are sitting on top of an elephant.  You know that your desired destination is to the right, but the elephant is used to walking somewhere on the left.  You are the rider of the elephant and may think that you’re in charge, but you know that if the elephant really wants to go to the left instead of the right, there’s not much you can do to stop him.  Or is there?

This is what weight loss is to a lot of us.  It seems like an insurmountable problem cannot be remedied simply.  Or can it?

I’m currently reading a book titled Switch by Chip Heath and Dan Heath.  Even though I’ve only read the first 5% of the book on my Kindle, I think it’s going to have some interesting tidbits that I can pass on to my readers.

Your weight loss may seem like an impossible insolvable problem, but it’s not.  Let’s learn about how to steer this elephant together.

P.S.  If you’ve read the book, let me know.  If not and you’re a reader, check it out.

Here’s What I Had To Eat Today:

1 Special K Protein Meal Bar

1 Southwestern Salad

1 Fresco Taco

1 Fresco Burrito

1 Fresco Chicken Soft Taco

1 Kashi Granola Bar

100 oz. of Water

My Exercise Today:

75 Minutes of Walking

My Supplements Friday:

1 Fish Oil Pill

1 Men’s Multi-vitamin

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