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Pecan Pie topped with Pumpkin Pie topped with whip cream sprinkled with walnuts

25 Aug

The email popped up on my screen.  It said that everyone but me was invited to share in the special dessert in the break room.  Of course, the sender knew that I was trying to lose weight, right?  Surely she was looking out for my well being.  She had been so considerate that I simply had no choice but to seek her out and to thank her for her consideration.  I immediately stood from my desk and went straight to the break room.  I went to thank her, not to see what dessert might be there for everyone to share.  Yeah, that’s it.

When I walked through the doors to the break room, the room was empty, but I found this on the table:

Later, when I found the creator of the dish, I learned that it was Pecan Pie topped with pumpkin pie topped with whipped cream and walnuts.  It looked and smelled amazing.  For a moment, I thought about eating the whole thing and telling everyone that it had been carried away by an angry deacon’s wife.  But, then this blog came to mind and I remembered that I had one more day before it was time for me to weigh in.  So, I pulled out my phone, took a picture, and headed for the water fountain.

Here’s what I’ve eaten today:

1 Snackwells Protein Breakfast Bar

1 six inch ham and turkey sub on whole wheat with lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, pickles, onions, and green pepper.

½ club salad with a very small amount of ranch dressing

½ Hawaiian chicken wrap with lettuce and tomato

7 Ruffles potato chips

½ serving of Ranch flavored rice cakes

80 oz of water

Supplements I’ve taken today

1 fish oil pill

1 multivitamin


1 hour of walking (20 minutes at lunch, 40 minutes with Kathy after dinner)