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Disappointment/Today’s Weigh In

10 Feb

Disappointment/Today’s Weigh In

Today’s weigh in was a disappointment for me.  I was afraid that it would be.  This whole past week, I’ve rushed around from activity to activity not taking care of myself the way that I should.  I’ve allowed myself to eat things in quantities that I knew were unhealthy for me.  I did it all in the name of stress relief, but it ended up biting me today.  For the first time since I started this weigh loss/getting healthy kick at the end of July, I actually ended up gaining weight.  I started the week at 177.75 and ended at 180.

So there it is.  I hope that I haven’t disappointed you all.  Please pray for me as I strive to get back on track starting right here and now.

By the way, the asterisks below denotes the extra food that came my way at church activities or in the office today.  Pray that I can leave it alone this next week.

Here’s What I Had To Eat Friday:

1 Snackwell’s Protein Meal Bar

1 Banana

1 Special K Protein Meal Bar

2 Spicy Meat Pies*

1 Ham Sandwich on Whole Wheat with Lettuce, Spinach, Tomato, Pickles, and Green Pepper.

1 Serving of Mixed Nuts*

1 Slice of King Cake*

5 M & M’s*

102 oz of water

My Exercise Friday:

90 Minutes of Walking

43 Push-Ups  (At least I broke my push-up record)

My Supplements Friday:

1 Fish Oil Pill

1 Men’s Multi-vitamin

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