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Taco Bell’s Healthy Fresco Menu?

29 Aug

Having just declined a delicious looking birthday cupcake, I was hungry for lunch.  I walked down the hall toward my office to grab my wallet and car keys when I smelled it:  the undeniable, unmistakable, odor of Taco Bell food.  Instantly, I wanted several Meximelts in front of me.  I wanted to eat them slowly, savoring every bite.  Then, I wanted to top it off with two chocolate empanadas.  Of course, an extra large Dr. Pepper would be a necessity.  I ran to my car and quickly drove to the nearest Taco Bell Restaurant.

Knowing that I would not be able to resist had I entered the store, I opted for the drive through.  I was just about to place my unhealthy order when I saw the Fresco menu blaring defiantly at me.  Frowning all the way to my inner core, I decided that it was probably the healthier choice for me.

My ordering experience went something like this:

Loudspeaker:  Welcome to Taco Bell, May I take your order?

Me:  Yes, I’ll take a Fresco Chicken Soft Taco and a Fresco Steak Soft Taco.

Loudspeaker:  Is that it?

Me:  That’s the whole kit n caboodle!

Loudspeaker:  What?

Me:  Uh, yeah, that’s it.

Loudspeaker:  You want a drink?

Me:  No thanks, I am good to go.

Loudspeaker:  What?

Me:  No, thank you.

Loudspeaker:  You sure you want it fresco?  You know there’s no cheese on it, no dairy products at all.

Me:  Yes, please.  I’m trying to turn over a new leaf.

Loudspeaker:  What?

Anyway, you get it.  It did make me wonder how the Fresco Menu stacks up to the Regular Menu.

*Fresco Chicken Soft Taco – 150 calories, 3.5 fat grams, 18 carbs, 12 protein grams

*Fresco Steak Soft Taco – 150 calories, 4 fat grams, 19 carbs, 9 protein grams

*Regular Chicken Soft Taco – 180 calories, 6 fat grams, 18 carbs, 14 protein grams

*Regular Steak Soft Taco – 250 calories, 14 fat grams, 19 carbs, 11 protein grams

Steak difference is pretty significant.  Chicken difference is not too impressive.  Still, I did make the better choice.

Just for laughs, I also looked up the nutritional information on the Chocolate Empanada.  It wasn’t listed (let us give thanks) but the information on the Apple Empanada was.  Here it is:

Apple Empanada – 310 calories, 15 fat grams, 39 carbs, 3 protein grams (I’m certain that the chocolate one is healthier for you.  They might as well put it on the Fresco Menu)

Here’s what I’ve eaten today:

1 Snackwell’s Protein Meal Bar

1 Fresco Chicken Soft Taco (No Cheese, extra tomatoes)

1 Fresco Steak Soft Taco (No Cheese, extra tomatoes)

1 medium sized salad with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, crushed almonds, and light ranch dressing

1 serving of broccoli

1 serving of Chicken and Potato Casserole

1 serving of mixed vegetables

1 serving of Rainbow Sherbet

80 oz of water

Supplements I’ve taken today

1 fish oil pill

1 multivitamin


58 minute walk with Kathy in the neighborhood


*All nutrition info from http://www.tacobell.com/nutrition/calculator