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New Blog

4 Aug


Here is a posting from my new blog: – You can find it at

I hope to see you there.



All Good Things

3 Aug

Last night, I spoke with one of my faithful blog readers and she instantly gave me what for.  She said, “I checked your blog and noticed that you haven’t posted anything for three weeks.”  She’s right, and I’m glad that she brought it to my attention.

The fact is, I’ve been meaning to write this posting for the last several days.  It’s now officially been a year since I started the 175by43 blog, dedicated to my journey toward weight loss and physical fitness.  My plan was to write down everything that I ate everyday on the blog and learn fitness tips from those who read my blog and responded.  Over the course the year, I learned quite a lot from a lot of people about proper diet, exercise, and healthy living.  I lost close to 50 lbs. and then leveled out around 185 lbs.

Recently, I’ve been using a free app called loseit to track my caloric intake and exercise output.  Honestly, if I would have found this a year ago, I may have chosen that route instead of the blog.  However, I’ve made many great friends over the course of this year who have helped me on my way to healthy living.  Many of you have cheered me on daily.  Thank you very much.

So, what happens now?  Well, I’ve heard it said “All Good Things Must Come To An End.”  Being a follower of Jesus, I’m not sure that’s always the case, but I do believe that it’s time for the 175by43 blog to come to an end.  So, tonight’s blog posting will be the last posting for this particular blog.

However, I love to write and many of you have expressed to me that you wish that I would continue and expand my repertoire.  So, in the next few days, I’m going to launch my new blog focusing on 4 different topics:  Health and Fitness, Church and Christian Living, Worship and Worship Leadership Issues, and Missions.  You should be able to tell the topic of each blog post based on the title.

Thank you all for helping me through this wonderful year of weight loss.  I hope that it’s meant as much to you as it has to me.

God Bless You,


Exercise and Pizza = Smiley Face

9 Jul

After church today, I felt like exercising a lot.  So I spent 45 minutes on the elliptical machine.  In the process, I burned loads of calories, which made it possible for me to eat pizza with friends tonight without tons of guilt.  Exercise plus Pizza = Smiley Face.

Here’s What I Had To Eat Today:

1 Special K Protein Meal Bar

1 Serving of Grilled Chicken

1 Serving of Green Beans

1 Serving of Black Eyed Peas

1 Serving of Fat Free Yogurt

Pizza with Friends (several small slices)

24 oz of soda

70 oz of water

My Exercise Today:

90 Minutes of Walking

45 Minutes on the Elliptical Machine


Big Burger

6 Jul

A few months ago, I asked everyone on my blog where I could find the best burger in the New Orleans area.  I heard lots of good suggestions including Phil’s Grill, Port of Call, and Camellia Grill.  Today, I tried one that needs to be added to the list.  Today, in a moment of weakness while on a business lunch at Cheeseburger Eddie’s, I downed a half lb. bacon burger and an order of fries.  (I did leave off the cheese, I didn’t go totally crazy).  Anyway, I’ve been using the Lose It Ap on my i-Phone (I highly recommend it) and with my current weight loss goal, I have a daily caloric budget of 1,521 calories including food intake and exercise.  After all was said and done, it took me an hour of swimming and 30 minutes of walking to get back down to my daily budget.  But, boy what a ride!

Here’s What I Had To Eat Today:

1 Protein Meal Bar

1 Bacon Burger with lettuce, tomato, and pickle

1 Regular order of Fries

1 Serving of Nonfat Kiwi Strawberry Yogurt

1 Serving of Yellow Corn

1 Serving of Red Dark Kidney Beans

16 oz. of Coca-Cola

80 oz of water

Here’s My Exercise Today:

65 Minutes of Walking

60 Minutes of Swimming (60 laps in the condo pool)


3 Jul

Oh, what a difference a letter makes, especially the letter “A.”

Today, as I was reading a book on my phone, I read through a section quickly.  It was a ministry book by an author I hadn’t read before.  The passage actually read as follows:

“Someone trying to sell a pot without integrity might try to paint over the cracks, one that has integrity.”

However, this is what entered my mind:

“Someone trying to sell pot without integrity might try to paint over the cracks, one that has integrity.”

Oh, what a difference one letter makes, especially the letter “A.”

The same is true when making decisions about health, weight, and life.  Little things can carry a lot of meaning, or weight as it may be.

Here’s What I Had To Eat Today:

1 Special K Protein Meal Bar

1 Grilled Chicken Sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and pickle.

1/2 Serving of Steak Fries

2 Slices of Turkey Pepperoni Pizza with Fat Free Cheese, Whole Wheat Crust, and Red and Green Peppers.

1 Serving of Fat Free Chocolate Pudding

My Exercise Today:

75 Minutes of Walking

10 Minutes of Freestyle Swimming

10 Minutes of Treading Water

20 Minutes of Hard Scrubbing House Cleaning



27 Jun

Today, I had an embarrassing moment at the gym.  I had finished with the elliptical and the chest press and made my way to a machine that I call the vertical weight machine (I’m not sure of it’s real name).  The latter is a machine where you sit and pull down on two handles after adjusting the weight in front of you.  It was my first time using this particular machine so I set it on level two, thinking I would adjust as the day went by.  Filled with confidence, I pulled down on the handles and the weights didn’t budge.  I pulled harder.  No change.  Finally, I pulled as hard as I can and I lifted myself off of my seat.

“Man,” I thought, “Level two is really difficult!”

Then I looked at the handle bar closer.  This is what I saw:


Here’s What I Had To Eat Today:

1 Protein Meal Bar

1 Strawberry Banana Smoothie

2 Slices of Healthy Pizza with Whole Wheat Crust, Turkey Pepperoni, Green and Red Peppers, and Fat Free Cheese

1 Serving of Fat Free Pudding

1 Serving of Watermelon (Awesome)

2 Vegetarian Tacos

79 Oz of Water

My Exercise Today:

30 Minutes on the Elliptical

30 Lifts on the Chest Press

65 Minutes of Walking


Lose It

23 Jun

This past Monday, a friend of mine told me about a weight loss app called “Lose It.”  It sounded intriguing so I checked it out and I’ve been trying it out since that day.  Basically, you program in your weight and height and the amount of weight you would like to lose by a particular date.  It tells you the amount of calories safe for you to eat each day and still meet your goal.  You enter all of your food consumption and exercise output trying your best to keep it all even.

For the first few days, I managed to keep my caloric intake low.  However, yesterday I was on a staff retreat where I ate entirely too much.  When I looked at the app around 7 PM, I was shocked to see that I was 700 calories over my limit for the day.  It took me 30 Minutes of Walking, 10 minutes of stretching, and 45 Minutes on the Elliptical Machine to burn in off.

I did somewhat better today.  I ended up only 4 calories under my limit.  I’m not sure if I’m going to continue to use the Lose It App or not, but one thing is for sure.  It has certainly kept me on my toes.

Here’s What I Had To Eat Today (Keep in mind that I was on a retreat)

1 Waffle with sugar free syrup

1 Serving of Sugar Free Yogurt

2 Servings of Pork Tenderloin Salad

1 Wheat Dinner Roll

1 Serving of Sugar Free Jello

2 Servings of Coca-Cola

1 McDouble Hamburger

92 Ounces of Water

My Exercise Today:

40 Minutes of Exercise Swimming

80 Minutes of Walking

10 Minutes of Stretching

Ok, so today I had to exercise extra as well.