Big Burger

6 Jul

A few months ago, I asked everyone on my blog where I could find the best burger in the New Orleans area.  I heard lots of good suggestions including Phil’s Grill, Port of Call, and Camellia Grill.  Today, I tried one that needs to be added to the list.  Today, in a moment of weakness while on a business lunch at Cheeseburger Eddie’s, I downed a half lb. bacon burger and an order of fries.  (I did leave off the cheese, I didn’t go totally crazy).  Anyway, I’ve been using the Lose It Ap on my i-Phone (I highly recommend it) and with my current weight loss goal, I have a daily caloric budget of 1,521 calories including food intake and exercise.  After all was said and done, it took me an hour of swimming and 30 minutes of walking to get back down to my daily budget.  But, boy what a ride!

Here’s What I Had To Eat Today:

1 Protein Meal Bar

1 Bacon Burger with lettuce, tomato, and pickle

1 Regular order of Fries

1 Serving of Nonfat Kiwi Strawberry Yogurt

1 Serving of Yellow Corn

1 Serving of Red Dark Kidney Beans

16 oz. of Coca-Cola

80 oz of water

Here’s My Exercise Today:

65 Minutes of Walking

60 Minutes of Swimming (60 laps in the condo pool)

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