27 Jun

Today, I had an embarrassing moment at the gym.  I had finished with the elliptical and the chest press and made my way to a machine that I call the vertical weight machine (I’m not sure of it’s real name).  The latter is a machine where you sit and pull down on two handles after adjusting the weight in front of you.  It was my first time using this particular machine so I set it on level two, thinking I would adjust as the day went by.  Filled with confidence, I pulled down on the handles and the weights didn’t budge.  I pulled harder.  No change.  Finally, I pulled as hard as I can and I lifted myself off of my seat.

“Man,” I thought, “Level two is really difficult!”

Then I looked at the handle bar closer.  This is what I saw:


Here’s What I Had To Eat Today:

1 Protein Meal Bar

1 Strawberry Banana Smoothie

2 Slices of Healthy Pizza with Whole Wheat Crust, Turkey Pepperoni, Green and Red Peppers, and Fat Free Cheese

1 Serving of Fat Free Pudding

1 Serving of Watermelon (Awesome)

2 Vegetarian Tacos

79 Oz of Water

My Exercise Today:

30 Minutes on the Elliptical

30 Lifts on the Chest Press

65 Minutes of Walking



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