Doctor’s Orders #2b

27 Mar

Doctor’s Orders #2b

1 Prescription of Ropinirole + 5 minutes of Leg Stretching + 1 Hot Bath = 1 evening of no restless leg syndrome kicking.  In other words, it went well last night.  Tonight

I’m trying the same thing but without the hot bath.  So far, so good.

We’ll see if it helps.  See you tomorrow.

Here’s What I Had To Eat Today:

2 Snackwell’s Protein Meal Bars

2 Bananas

1 Steak Fajita

1 Turkey BLT on Wheat (no condiments)

1 Serving of Jambalaya

95 oz of water

My Exercise Today:

76 Minutes of Walking

5 Minutes of Stretching

My Supplements Friday:

1 Fish Oil Pill

1 Men’s Multi-vitamin

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