The Peanut Butter Cookie – A Great Weakness of Mine

22 Jan

The Peanut Butter Cookie

Okay, I failed my own test.  I had not only one, but two peanut butter cookies at a church function.  After doing some research, I learned that these were peanut butter cookies from Sam’s Club called Member’s Mark Peanut Butter Cookies.  Here’s the nutritional information found at

Calories 220

Sodium 150 mg

Total Fat 12 g

Saturated 4 g

Total Carbs 25 g

Sugars 16 g

Protein 4 g

Cholesterol 15 mg

I think knowing this will at least help me not eat “two” of them next time.  I understand having a treat, but I also believe that this can be a sliding slope if I don’t watch it.

I hope that you’ve found this information helpful.  If you have a weakness like I do for Peanut Butter Cookies, Coca-Cola, or a number of other items, educate yourselves on the nutritional information.

Here’s What I Had To Eat Today:

1 Special K Protein Meal Bar

½ Serving of Jambalaya

1 Serving of Salad

1 small dinner roll

2 peanut butter cookies

2 slices of turkey pepperoni pizza with onion and red and green pepper on whole wheat crust

1 serving of fat free chocolate pudding

80 oz of water

My Exercise:

90 Minutes of Walking

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