How Many Calories Do You Burn While Doing Nothing?

8 Dec

How many calories do you burn while doing nothing?

After what seemed like an extra long workout tonight at the gym, I turned to my wife Kathy and asked, “I wonder how many calories I could burn tonight and tomorrow by simply doing nothing?”

I knew, of course, that she wouldn’t be able to answer it straight off, because there are too many variables to answer straight away.  For example, gender plays an issue.  I know it’s not fair ladies, but men burn more calories than women while doing the same activity.  Another variable is age.  Younger people burn calories quicker than older people.  A third variable is size.  Big people tend to burn more calories than smaller people.

So, I ran home and consulted my friends from Google on the subject.  I found an interesting article on about how many calories you burn while doing nothing.  Apparently, an average man (normal build, 150 lbs, 30 years old, 5’10”) who is sleeping burns approximately 61 calories per hour.  The same man will burn 68 calories per hour if he lays around watching television.  If the same man sits and reads a book, he will burn 88 calories per hour.

For more information on how many calories you burn by doing nothing, check out the article at

Here’s what I had to eat today:

1 Snackwell’s Protein Meal Bar

1 Ham and Turkey on Whole Wheat with Lettuce, Tomato, Pickle, Spinach and Green Pepper.

1 Serving of Popcorn

1 Grilled Chicken Salad with Tomato

¼ of a Chicken Quesadilla

1 Serving of Chips and Salsa

110 oz of water

Supplements I’ve taken today:           

1 Fish Oil Pill

1 Multi Vitamin


30 Minutes of Walking

33 Minutes on the Elliptical Machine

31 Presses on the Chest Press

150 Crunches on the Ab Machine

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