Another Food Incentive

27 Nov

Another Food Incentive

Many of you may remember that after I had lost 25 lbs that I rewarded myself with a burger and fries from the Rivershack Tavern.  Here recently, I’ve been thinking of doing that again once with some other chow down treat once I pass the 40 lb mark.  This past Friday, I weighed in at 186.75 lbs.  Since I started at 226 lbs straight up, that puts me at 39.25 lbs that I’ve lost so far.  Therefore, if I can lose another ¾ of a lb this week, I’ll get my reward.

Now, to figure out what that should be.  Any ideas?  Another burger?  Chicago Style Pizza?  Beignets?  What do you think?

Here’s what I had to eat today on this Thanksgiving Day:

1 Snackwell’s Protein Meal Bar

1 Serving of Black-Eyed Peas

1 Serving of Sliced Potatoes

1 Serving of Green Beans

2 Slices of Whole Wheat Bagel Thins

1 Serving of Strawberry Yogurt with Fresh Blackberries

2 Slices of Thin Crust Pizza with Fat Free Cheese and Turkey Pepperoni, Red and Green Peppers, and Onions

1 Serving of Fat Free Chocolate Pudding

1 Serving of Popcorn

3 Servings of Cavier (Just kidding)

80 oz of water

Supplements I’ve taken today:           

1 Fish Oil Pill

1 Multi Vitamin


30 Minutes on the Elliptical Machine

80 Minutes of Walking with Periodic Lunges

30 Times on the Chest Press Machine

130 Crunches on the Ab Machine

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3 Responses to “Another Food Incentive”

  1. sweetopiagirl at 12:47 pm #

    Reblogged this on inspiredweightloss.

    • johnfrady at 3:13 am #

      Thanks. I appreciate that.

  2. Shirley Smedley-Theiss at 5:26 pm #

    What are you craving? Or wanting to taste the most? Go with that and get the craving our of your system.

    CRAVE GOD! (Great book by Lysa TerKeurst)!
    God is giving you everything you need…even the desire to do this!
    Continue on in His great work in you. Others are seeing.

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