Quarter Pounder Weigh In

18 Nov

Quarter Pounder Weigh In

Okay, last week was not my normal week.  During that time Kathy and I spent in Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma, we ate a lot more than normal.  Off the top of my head, I remember birthday cake, pizza, brisket, chocolate chip cookies, large slices of ham, molten chocolate cake, pumpkin cheesecake, goat’s milk, goat’s milk cheese, goat’s milk yogurt, pancakes, spaghetti, ice cream, apple pie, buffalo wings, and cavier.  Well, okay, I didn’t have cavier, but I had everything else on the list, plus a lot more.  That, partnered with the lack of consistent exercise, I was certain that I had gained at least five lbs this past week.

However, this morning, I weighed in and realized that I had actually lost ¼ lb since my last weigh in.  I was about to be depressed, but then I realized that I was not just able to maintain my weight over my break, but was still able to lose the same amount of weight that is in the meat to a Quarter Pounder Burger from McDonald’s.  I’ll take it.

In case you’re counting, that means that I am down to 187.75 lbs.  I have 12.75 lbs left to lose in order to meet my goal.  I have lost 38.25 lbs.  This next week is Thanksgiving.  Let’s hope I can maintain and lose at least .75 lbs.  We’ll see.

Here’s what I had to eat yesterday:

1 Special K Protein Meal Bar

1 Club Sandwich

2 Servings of Fresh Fruit (Grapes, Pineapple, Apple, Melon, Cantaloupe)

1 Large Grilled Chicken Salad with Cucumber, Brocolli, Tomato, and Light Dressing

2 Slices of Whole Wheat Toast

1 Serving of Nonfat Strawberry Yogurt with Fresh Blueberries and Blackberries

100 oz of water

Supplements I’ve taken today:           

1 Fish Oil Pill

1 Multi Vitamin


30 Minutes of Walking

100 Crunches on Ab Machine

5 Minutes of Lunges

5 Minutes on Rowing Machine

10 Times on Elevated Ab Machine

10 Count Push-Up Ladder (This is where you do 10 Push-Ups, rest for 30 seconds, do 9 Push-Ups, rest for 30 seconds, do 8 Push-Ups, and so forth until you get down to 1 Push-Up.  So, by the time you finish, you’ve actually done 55 Push-Ups.

2 Cycles on Leg Press (This is where you Press down 8 times slowly on the Leg Press and then Press down 5 times fast.  I did this twice after a previous slow 5 presses.

2 Cycles on Chest Press  (Same as the leg press)

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