31 Jul

As I stepped onto the scale in my doctor’s office, I was confident in the digital reading that I would see.  I was wrong.

I expected to see 215, the weight I was last time I checked.  Instead, it read 226.  I gasped and asked the nurse if there was anyone else standing on the scale with me.  She assured me that there was not.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.  I’m 42 years old and my metabolism has certainly slowed.  For the most part, I eat like I did when I was in college, guzzling soda and scarfing pizza.  I used to exercise, but I can’t even remember the last time I did it consistently.  In my opinion, my ideal weight for my height is 175.  That means that I’m 51 lbs overweight.  Ugh.

So, I’m going to do something about it.  I’m going to lose 51 lbs by my 43rd birthday, June 7th.  I have 10 months and 7 days.  I can do this if I lose 5 lbs per month and 1 lb on the extra week of my challenge.

I invite you to join me on this journey.  It is my intention to blog every evening before I go to bed about my daily weight loss choices, especially in dealing with diet and exercise.

Here’s what I have eaten today:

2 Oats and Honey Granola Bars (Nature Valley)

1 serving of Corn Pops cereal with skim milk

2 mini “fun sized” bags of M & M’s

1 twelve oz. bottle of Sprite

1 twelve oz. can of Coke

40 oz. of water

1 medium sized salad (lettuce, almonds, fat free cheese, fat free ranch dressing)

1 serving of grilled chicken

2 servings of brown rice

1 serving of green beans

1 serving of corn

2 slices of pizza

1 sixteen oz Kiwi Strawberry Snapple

2 servings (at least) of non-fat frozen yogurt

Here’s what I wanted to eat today:

1 Chicken Biscuit from Chick fila (Good thing today is Sunday)

1 Double Bacon Whopper from Burger King

1 Biggie Coke from Wendy’s

1 Chocolate Frosty from Wendy’s (since I’m there for the Coke anyway)

1 New York Strip from my parents farm cooked on the grill

1 Supreme Pizza with a side of bread sticks from Pepperoni’s Pizza in New Orleans

2 slices of chocolate pecan pie from Camellia Grill

Another Biggie Coke from Wendy’s

1 Ice Cream Cone from McDonald’s (unless their soft serve ice cream machine is temporarily out of order)

Please feel free to send me any weight loss tips, diet advice, or exercise encouragement.  See you tomorrow.

6 Responses to “175by43”

  1. Jeanne Renton at 2:22 am #

    Hey John, Try to skip the soft drinks, drink as much water as you can. Adding lemon or lime really helps! You can eat all the vegetables you want, they will fill you up! Healthy pop corn, 99 % fat free, only 4 gms of fat for the entire bag! Stop buying white, and limit your intake of white, Wheat pasta not bad if you use angel hair, but wheat bread, use white potatoes sparingly.

    Will think of some other tips, I’m cheering for you,

    Jeanne Renton

    • johnfrady at 3:25 am #

      Thanks for the tips, Jeanne. I’ll have to try some of that popcorn. Soft drinks have always been my downfall, primarily Coca-Cola.

  2. revmark at 2:30 am #

    Word on the street is stop the non-diet sodas.

    • johnfrady at 3:27 am #

      Thanks, Mark. I plan to stop all sodas. The after taste of Diet Sodas really bothers me, so I plan to stop them all together. I hope that you and Barb are enjoying your new place.

  3. GarySmith at 3:34 am #

    Sweet potatoes are really good for you. They are a great source of fiber and certain vitamins and they’ll help fill you up. I’m sure if you google sweet potatoes you’ll find out more than you wanted to know. Looking at me, you probably think “What does he know about nutrition?” You may remember I lost 70 pounds on Weight Watchers a couple of years ago, but have gained a great deal of it back. I would like to get back to that weight but I have what the doctor described as an overactive knife and fork gland.

    • johnfrady at 11:28 am #

      Thanks for the tip, Gary. I remember that you lost quite a bit of weight a couple of years ago. I’ll have to check out sweet potatoes. I’ve always loved eating them, but my problem is that I always load them down with butter and brown sugar. Did you eat sweet potatoes a lot when you were losing your weight?

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